Renal infection causes renal failure in patients with nephropathy

Renal infection causes renal failure in patients with nephropathy

Kidney patient urine albumen has not dropped all the time, see kidney failure, it is the harm that the infection causes originally

Many patients have the most direct cause of nephropathy is a cold because of the cold, not timely cure or eat the wrong medicine to kidney disease. And got kidney disease later because the itselfresistance is poor, eat hormone, immune inhibitors and other drugs, the body's resistance level is quite low, it is easy to catch a cold is cold again, only the aggravation of this result.

In fact, cold is only one of an infection, although some infections caused by kidney disease is not likely, but let the nephropathy patients have been cured, the ability of urinary protein has been fallingdown or some. For example: tonsillitis, pneumonia, urethritis, gastroenteritis, periodontitis and so on.

If it is cold, and exacerbations or recurrence, most patients are able to guess the reason. But there are no symptoms or what rare infection, can also cause illness, this time only to increase the dose is of no avail, to find out the reason to exclude infection is the right path.

For patients with kidney disease, the prevention of infection is much more important than the treatment of infection, how can it prevent infection? Infection prevention or physical resistance from the start?!

Renal infection causes renal failure in patients with nephropathy

Someone said to nephropathy convalesce, because that would have done. This is a wrong view, the body can greatly enhance the speed of blood circulation in the movement, let the human organs obtain sufficient oxygen, which is helpful to enhance the immune system.

There are some taboos in patients with nephropathy is good, but what one does not dare to eat is extreme. Nutrients intake almost entirely from food, diet, too serious most prone to malnutrition, decreased body resistance. Please refer to the diet of the patients with nephropathy "will be the most complete diet book nephropathy you see, see. From nephritis to uremia can

Renal infection causes renal failure in patients with nephropathy

Hormones and immunosuppressive agents in the treatment of nephropathy plays an important role for the patients, to prevent nephropathy uremia transformation has great effect. But the side effects of the two can not be ignored, because some patients had recurrence of drug reduction experience, so the reduction of drug can reduce the long-term excessive use of such the body is extremely unfavorable.

Chinese medicine, 100 Capsules, Jinshui, Astragalus granules may be some kidney friends to prevent colds have effect, of which 100% effect is slightly stronger than Jinshui Bao, but the price is high, not recommended long-term use;

For recurrent nephrotic syndrome patients, Human Immunoglobulin can be targeted to improve the immune status of thymosin