How to care for edema of renal failure

After suffering from kidney disease, the patient will show a variety of different symptoms. And different types of kidney disease, the specific clinical symptoms are also different. But edema is the most common type of all kidney disease. So, how should a patient care for this symptom of edema? Read the following instructions carefully.

Edema in patients with renal failure should pay attention to the following points:

1. The most important point is to limit the intake of water, sodium, protein. Patients with mild edema do not have to limit water too much, sodium salt is limited to within 3g, including all sodium-containing foods. Severe edema who control the amount of water within 1000ml, and the use of high-quality protein-based protein intake.

2. Second, because the edema of patients with edema parts of the skin will be thinner, so we should strengthen the protection of edema parts of the skin, prevent skin infection. At the same time the patient should try to wear cotton loose clothes, keep the bed dry and tidy, but also often clean the body, keep the skin clean.

3. Finally, renal failure patients after edema, pay attention to bed rest, because lying down when the renal blood flow can increase, increase glomerular filtration rate, to reduce the effect of the retention of water and sodium. Those who have severe water can also increase the blood flow through the site to raise the edema, reduce edema.

Suffering from renal failure should be actively treated to avoid exacerbations to the health and life of patients to cause greater impact, if you have questions about kidney disease need a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will give the most professional guidance according to the patient's actual condition.

How to care for edema of renal failure