Supply water to prevent acute renal failure

Growing in tropical and subtropical regions, less water, less urinary excretion often appear urinary tract inflammation, hyperuricemia or some metabolic diseases are prone to kidney stones, kidney stones may lead to obstructive renal edema and renal failure.

Note the urine changes: the shape of the urine is one of the indicators of renal function, the body of the majority of waste are filtered by the kidneys from the urine, should always observe the color of their own urine, you can early detection, early treatment. For example, foam-like urine is the performance of urine protein, muddy urine is urethral inflammation and a large number of phosphate discharge performance, urinary burning, urinary frequency can be identified as urethral infection. Nocturia is also an early symptom of renal insufficiency, so observe these symptoms in a timely manner to check the renal injury can be an early intervention to prevent delay caused by renal failure.

Regular physical examination and prevention of hereditary nephropathy: kidney tumors occur in the age of 40 to 70 years old men, polycystic kidney disease and hereditary kidney disease are family history of kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes and childhood nephritis Are all the risk of chronic renal failure in the presence of the risk of the population, so when they have such a disease should be regularly detected renal function, to understand their own kidneys.

Diet to excretory excessive use of tonic: With the economic development, people's quality of life has become increasingly seen, the supply of food is no longer scarce. People are more and more rich pursuit of food, high-grade supplements become a common diet, but excessive consumption of tonic will bring harm, such as: gout diabetes, hypertension and other three diseases will cause different degrees of damage to the kidneys, the cause of these three diseases is the relevant factors that diet. Health advice is not excessive consumption of high protein foods, a large number of protein intake by digestion and absorption of waste generated after the increase will increase the burden on the kidneys, so in addition to the body needs no need to intake more protein.

The above is a detailed description about the supply water to prevent acute renal failure, hoping to help you, different patients diet is not the same, it is best to consult their own attending physician, according to their specific circumstances diet, if you have diet questions need a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

Supply water to prevent acute renal failure