In the treatment of polycystic kidney disease which is need to pay attention to.

1, patients should control hypertension for polycystic kidney disease, usually accompanied with hypertension, but for patients should control their hypertension by antihypertensive drugs such as calcium channel antagonists, beta blockers and vascular expansion drugs can be used, or in combination with ACEI use.


2, patients should treat cystic bleeding in the polycystic kidney capsule can easily lead to bleeding, serious harm to patients, so patients should pay attention to the treatment of the disease. Persistent hematuria or eyes bleeding, use of aprotinin or desmopressin acetate, when necessary on renal artery embolization. Aprotinin intravenous or interventional ultrasound intracapsular injection is effective for polycystic kidney hemorrhage.


3, patients should pay attention to prevent renal failure for polycystic kidney patients are particularly prone to urinary tract infections, especially women, such as pyelonephritis or renal cyst infection caused pain has been aggravated with have a fever, hematuria and pyuria obvious, severe cases can cause urinary tract sepsis, leading to renal failure. Therefore, must be positive treatment.