How to care patients with polycystic kidney?

How to care patients with polycystic kidney? This is worthy of attention, for patients with polycystic kidney happened to inherit a lot of harm, hurt people body and mind, want to avoid the happening of the disease, you need to find a suitable for their own treatment method, the correct treatment can reduce the happening of the disease, and polycystic kidney patients how to care?

How to care patients with polycystic kidney?


How to care patients with polycystic kidney

1, the patient should go to pillow recumbent, head tilted, oxygen in time and keep respiratory tract unobstructed. After 6 hours can change half a lie, the illness is smooth for retroperitoneal drainage, postoperative 24 hours to get up, that day in half liquid diets, 2 food can be changed in the future.

2, polycystic kidney patients should be properly fixed carefully postoperative peritoneal drainage tube, avoid fold, compression and blocking drainage tube, close observation of drainage fluid nature and the change of the quantity, color, led traffic more often suggests the possibility of internal bleeding, blood pressure decline, should be handled in a timely manner.

3, should closely observe the patient breathing rate, depth, rhythm, pay attention to the incision and puncture hole dressings and abdominal bleeding condition, can guide the patients take a deep breath and effective cough, sputum of promote to eject, giving oxygen flow.

4 or more, cysts and polycystic kidney cyst outward is not obvious, the capsule wall thicker in patients with postoperative prone to leakage, should be given adequate drainage to prevent leakage, maintain drainage tube unobstructed, in case of congestion makes urine extravasation to abdominal intercurrent infection. For drainage of fluid can be removed after significantly reduce the drainage tube.

The above several aspects is director of the Beijing cluster technology limited Chinese medicine kidney disease hospital zhan-ming wang give advice, hope to get everybody's attention, polycystic kidney damage is serious, of course, want to avoid the happening of the disease, everyone in how to grasp the polycystic kidney patients care, should also actively consulting related to the doctor's advice, so as to reduce the happening of the disease.