Eat cold and cold food susceptible to kidney cysts

Got a lot of people after the kidney cyst is very puzzling is that how can we get on this disease, how could get the disease? These problems make renal cyst patients do not understand. The following experts to tell you about the specific causes of renal cysts.

Eat cold and cold food susceptible to kidney cysts

Leading to two major causes of renal cysts

Congenital dysplasia by congenital dysplasia can produce a variety of diseases, for cystic nephropathy, the main can cause medullary sponge kidney, dysplastic polycystic kidney disease, congenital dysplasia of the gene is generally no abnormalities, so it is with the gene Genetic or genetic mutations are different.

Diet may we all do not know that bad eating habits may cause a lot of disease, of course, cyst disease is also an important factor in the development and change.

Diet is not section, such as hunger is lack of nutrition; over and over is easy to hurt the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach function and the occurrence of blood circulation barriers;

Eating unclean, light susceptible to gastrointestinal diseases, severe poisoning or even life-threatening.

Diet partial love, such as eating cold and cold, then easy to hurt the spleen and stomach yang, eat more than Xin Wen hot heat can make gastrointestinal heat, and then flavored partial addicted, for a long time is easy to hurt viscera.