How to do a good job of polycystic kidney care

Now the medical strength is very developed, so for the treatment of some diseases is not a big deal, but in order to recover the disease as soon as possible, can not simply rely on treatment technology, but also to master the nursing care after treatment, only treatment and Combined care, in order to promote polycystic kidney disease in a good direction.

1. to promote physical and mental rest: such as renal hypertension should be measured blood pressure, according to changes in blood pressure increased bed rest time;

2. Reasonable diet: diet should be based on the circumstances of each disease to the patient's specific dietary guidance, such as renal insufficiency of the polycystic kidney disease, should improve the heat (mainly sugar), high-quality low-protein diet, Keep the water balance;

3. Note the oral care: sooner or later and after meals to keep the mouth clean, remove bad breath, reduce nausea, prevent bacteria and mold breeding;

4. strengthen the skin care: do polycystic kidney disease skin care, is to prevent skin infections, bed sores and related complications of an important work, due to uremic deposition of skin irritation, the patient often itching discomfort, and affect sleep, and After scratching the skin easily infected, it should be diligent with warm water scrub, keep the skin clean, avoid using soap and alcohol. Glove clothes, sheets. For patients with severe edema, but also pay attention to protect the skin, often changing the lying position, massage compression parts, prevention of bed sores.

Tips: polycystic kidney disease patients do not indifferent to their own illness, be sure to take action, usually to learn more about some of the common knowledge of polycystic kidney disease, especially the common sense of care, and to learn their own knowledge Use to live, will live a normal life as soon as possible, and finally wish everyone healthy!

How to do a good job of polycystic kidney care