Dietary guidelines for patients with polycystic kidney disease

Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary kidney disease, and the main symptoms of kidney hematuria, abdominal mass, abdominal pain.The kidney disease hospital experts remind polycystic kidney patients in addition to active treatment, is also very important in polycystic kidney patients diet. Here is a small sum up for all patients with polycystic kidney diet instructions, I hope to help you!

1, High protein food: every kind of kidney disease should be low protein diet, to avoid the synthesis of nitrogen metabolites in the body, reducing the excretion of kidney. Such as soybeans, tofu, and other bean products.

2, Internal food: animal offal made of cooked food is not suitable for polycystic kidney patients to eat, especially animal liver, China a message, what to eat, what, in fact is not the case, in the process of animal slaughter many toxins left in the liver and kidney, especially the liver, liver detoxification function is a lot of animal, metabolic toxins are left in the internal organs, if the patient is taking these substances invisible to increase the burden on the kidneys, aggravating illness.

3, Alcoholic beverages: wine, especially white wine, for patients with polycystic kidney disease should be quit, alcohol stimulation of the kidney is important. It can stimulate the activity of polycystic proteins and accelerate the growth of cysts.

4, Fermented food: the fermented foods here are mainly fermented food, such as tofu and stinky eggs. Avoid the use of this kind, will be beneficial to the growth rate of the cyst.

5. Coffee and chocolate are strictly  forbidden to eat.

6, iron rich fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and so on, you can eat more.

7,High vitamin containing fruits and vegetables, easy to eat more.

8, there is diuretic effect of food, easy to eat more.

9, Stone fossils can allow vegetables, food, such as black fungus and so on, easy to eat.

The above is the polycystic kidney patients diet notice summary, hope friends with nephropathy can pay attention to patients. Different patients have different condition. What if you don't understand or havebetter advice, you can leave a message or contact our online experts.

Dietary guidelines for patients with polycystic kidney disease