Six flavour rehmannia pill to treat renal cysts can?

Six flavour rehmannia pill to treat renal cysts can? Is there a better treatment?
Cyst is a chronic disease, there are a lot of patients to ask, can you use six ingredients rehmannia pill to regulate, as the saying goes, "medicine is three points poison", so must not take medicine casually. Especially for patients with disease can not be casually medication. Must use the correct medication under the guidance of doctors. Have kidney cyst can eat six flavour rehmannia pill? This kind of knowledge is the scope of a lot of nephropathy, renal cyst is the size of the kidney with the outside world is not the same size of the cystic masses. Common renal cysts can be classified into adult type, simple renal cyst and acquired renal cyst. Adult polycystic kidney is a congenital genetic disease, kidney essence is filled with countless size round cysts are not connected with the outside of the range, liquid sac containing small, invisible to the naked eye, the tens of CM, so called polycystic kidney. Performance for nocturia, lumbago, hypertension, etc.. There is a small amount of urine hematuria, proteinuria, often slowly develop into chronic renal failure. 10% had kidney stones, and about 30% had polycystic liver disease. Xiao Bian will be related to the introduction of the problem.
, can insist on serving vitamin C, from the perspective of clinical pathology, vitamin C control and convergence of the role of the cyst, the dose can be properly larger, such as 35 or more each time, every day three times. The United States has been reported to reach each dose of dozens of films, we cannot mechanically copy foreign, too much dose of side effects. You can try to take this dose. Don't try to a few days or one or two months to be able to solve this problem, don't be so impatient, but also is in a relatively short time cyst on the retraction of the case.
Normal drinking water (do not drink a lot of water in a short time, but in particular, do not water) should pay attention to water quality. Avoid drinking water impurities with scale.
If the adult pay attention to sexual life as far as possible science, especially do not indulge.
To have kidney cyst can eat six flavour Rehmannia bolus, expert of kidney cyst expert hints! Chinese traditional medicine is tiny change treatment + permeate outside permeate area. The processing method of traditional Chinese medicine is crushed and decoction. We use high-tech micro processing technology, the powder is finer and more easy to absorb, and through the in vitro kidney zone permeability way directly to the Chinese medicine active substances directly to kidney lesions, drug utilization rate is high
In renal cyst medication problems still have many, what also want to understand the welcome online consulting experts, dedicated to serve you
What taboo does the diet of polycystic kidney patients have? Do you know this as a kidney disease patient?
In patients with kidney disease, each kind of nephropathy has his different diet taboo, that today to say the polycystic kidney for diet what need to limit it? After all, polycystic kidney disease is crucial for patients.