Chronic nephritis patients with daily nursing knowledge

For the treatment of chronic nephritis, in addition to the professional treatment of chronic nephritis, but also to carry out routine care, so as to have better recovery effect.
Chronic nephritis patients should work and rest
In daily work, whether it is physical or mental labor, all nephritis patients do not fatigue, should rest, otherwise it will increase the metabolism is not normal, it will increase the burden of renal function, and renal damage.
Patients are forbidden to take anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs privately
For example, cold remedies and antibiotics must be carried out under the guidance of the relevant physician before the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, because improper use of these drugs directly affects renal function and leads to abnormal renal function.
The patient's friend should pay attention to the adjustment of emotion
Experts tell patients with chronic nephritis, must establish the confidence to fight with the disease, because of chronic nephritis disease slow stretches, so to maintain the confidence and determination of treatment; moreover, irritability, anxiety can cause liver damage, secretion system chaotic disorder, and direct injury of renal function.
The patient should notice on the kidney diet
Irrational diet is more likely to aggravate the kidney burden of patients with chronic nephritis, causing further damage to renal function, leading to continued deterioration of the disease progression. According to the characteristics of chronic nephritis, patients should be given a reasonable kidney diet.
Husband and wife life should be regular
For husband and wife life, for chronic nephritis patients should not over frequency, generally speaking, not more than two times a month, if more than it easily lead to recurrence and deterioration of the disease.