What are the taboos in the life of chronic nephritis?

For chronic nephritis patients, in the treatment of chronic nephritis at the same time, should do a good job of chronic nephritis care. In daily life, there is a "chronic" nephritis patients "taboo" things, otherwise, not only is not conducive to the treatment of chronic nephritis, but also easy to cause deterioration of chronic nephritis.
Anti smoking, mainly because tobacco contains a variety of harmful substances, can damage the liver and kidney function, inhibit kidney unit repair, therefore, kidney disease patients must be determined to quit smoking.
Temperance, mainly because of alcohol in fusel oil and nitrosamines can cause kidney tissue degeneration and cancer, so kidney patients should not drink, so as not to damage the liver and kidney.
Transition fatigue, can make the patient's body tired and weak, Turner is not for patients with kidney disease, will make the patient's kidney dysfunction, malnutrition, and bring serious consequences to patients.
Angry Chinese records of the whole liver injury, liver qi stagnation is not reached, that is, the anger will make the transition detoxification, interpretation of the transfer function to the kidney, increasing the burden on the kidneys, prone to indigestion, so angry as the enemy of nephropathy.
Pessimism, nephritis, uremia patients once lost confidence in treatment, the disease is more difficult to control. Therefore, the patient should be optimistic, open-minded, and enhance confidence.
Anxiety, nephropathy (especially uremic patients), Jiuzhibuyu, often make people anxious. High levels of the cerebral cortex are extremely detrimental to the recovery of kidney disease (especially in women).
Irregular life, very sick, seven points support, and therefore adequate sleep, reasonable management, regular life, vital to patients with kidney disease, control sexual activity, set up the protection of kidney essence, is to protect the consciousness of life.
Mess with tonic, diet balance, is to maintain the basic condition of health, such as improper nourishment, break the balance will affect health, so be careful with tonic.
TouYi, trust the arena Youyi, so as to avoid the disease is not cured, the money did not spend less, delay the disease, too late to regret.
Abuse of hormone chemicals, drugs are three poison. The drug has more damage to the liver and kidney, and the patient with nephropathy must take the traditional Chinese medicine rationally under the guidance of the specialist, and receive systematic, formal and scientific treatment at an early stage.