Health care measures for chronic nephritis

For chronic nephritis patients, do a good job of chronic nephritis health care, for the treatment of chronic nephritis, has a great role. Here we will introduce the work of chronic nephritis health care, we hope to help.
Dietary aspects
Patients with kidney disease require a low protein diet and a low salt diet. If a patient with kidney disease takes a high salt diet, it may aggravate glomerulosclerosis and accelerate the decline of renal function. Inadequate intake of malnutrition, reduce the body's resistance to disease, the human body is also unfavorable. Under normal circumstances, the daily protein intake of about 60 grams is appropriate. The specific intake should be adjusted in accordance with the regular review of the blood albumin content and physical condition.
Self protection against infection
In patients with chronic nephritis, when the body's resistance to disease is decreased and all kinds of infections occur, nephritis may worsen or acute. The most common sites of infection are the throat and respiratory tract, followed by skin and other parts. Therefore, anti cold, wet, dry, eat less spicy food, pay attention to oral hygiene, keep skin clean, occasionally broken to protect, prevent bacterial invasion.
Rest area
Chronic nephritis patients need to pay attention to rest, not excessive activity, otherwise it will aggravate the condition, such as the change of urine will increase, proteinuria or hematuria increased, after the break is improved or restored to its original level. In principle, those with normal kidney function should take part in some soft recreational activities to prevent excessive strenuous exercise.
Medication aspects
Treatment of chronic nephritis should follow the doctor's advice, do not abuse drugs, or gullible witch quack, sick trying everything, this is the biggest obstacle factors on the disease of chronic nephritis rehabilitation. Patients with chronic nephritis are advised to take medicine under the advice of the attending physician.