Clinical symptoms of chronic nephritis

Clinical symptoms of chronic nephritis

Clinical symptoms of chronic nephritis, there are many different symptoms treatment must be different, if you want to achieve most ideal treatment effect, requires that we must understand the clinical symptoms of chronic nephritis, so as to suit the remedy to the case, as soon as possible to cure the illness, chronic nephritis condition to reduce the pain of patients.

Chronic nephritis is perse etiology, pathologic morphology is different, and a group of glomerular disease, clinical symptoms similar to their common performance is abnormal changes of edema, high blood pressure and urine, the kidney disease expert to introduce what are the symptoms of chronic nephritis patients:

Edema: in the entire course of the disease, the majority of patients will have different levels of edema. The degree of edema can be light and heavy, and the light person only wakes up in the morning and finds an edema in the area around the eye socket, the swelling in the face, or the ankle in the mid-afternoon. Severe patient, can appear systemic edema. However, there are very few patients who have no swelling in their entire course and tend to be overlooked.

High blood pressure: for patients with chronic nephritis, sooner or later, the occurrence of high blood pressure is a process, its blood pressure increases can be sustained, also can appear intermittently, and diastolic blood pressure (above 12.7 kPa) to the extent of the characteristics of high blood pressure also have great inpidual differences, light person only 18.7-21.3/12.7-13.3 kPa, severe cases can even more than 26.7/14.7 kPa.

Urinary abnormality: urinary abnormalities are almost certainly a common occurrence in patients with chronic nephritis, including changes in urine and abnormalities in microscopy. In patients with edema, there is a decrease in the amount of urine, and the greater the degree of edema, the greater the decrease in urinary volume, and the majority of patients who have no edema. When the patient's kidneys are severely damaged, and the concentration of urine is impaired, the amount of nocturia increased and the proportion of urine dropped.

Patients with clinical symptoms of chronic nephritis, will combine their own condition to choose suitable treatment in the form of blind to treat not only can't cure the disease, but will delay treatment, worsen chronic nephritis disease, so everyone should be taken seriously clinical symptoms of chronic nephritis.