People with nephritis need a reasonable rest

People with nephritis need a reasonable rest

The most important thing that people do after they get sick is that they have plenty of rest, just as they do after kidney disease. However, it is also important to be reasonable at rest, especially for people with kidney disease. Way to take a break and rest the length of time, should have a reasonable arrangement, whether in nephritis patients throughout the course of all want to stay in bed, and shall be subject to the following:

Severity of edema in nephritis: renal disease edema is usually pided into three conditions: mild edema, moderate edema and severe edema. If the edema is limited to eye or ankle, it is mild; Edema extends to the lower extremities; The edema spreads to the whole body even the chest, the abdominal water, is heavy. If you have more than moderate edema, you should stay in bed.

Nephritis patients without heart tightness, shortness of breath, cough symptoms, once appear, these symptoms, suggests that patients with pulmonary blood stasis, infection, or heart failure and other serious conditions exist, not only should stay in bed at this moment, and hospitalization in time, lest disease continue to deteriorate.

Nephritis patients have symptoms of headache, dizziness, vomiting, said may suffer from high blood pressure, as these symptoms should be timely measure blood pressure, such as blood pressure is high, should stay in bed. If the blood pressure increases sharply, the brain edema may occur, causing headaches and vomiting to worsen, and convulsions or convulsions, which should be more hospitalised.

Nephritis patients have reduced the volume of urine or a small amount of blood in the urine: if the urine volume decreased significantly, the daily urine output in five hundred ml, or appear to the naked eye hematuria meat such as wash water, often said the illness weight Benedict, should stay in bed.

Nephritis patients with and without other checked exception: if the blood urea nitrogen, creatine, creatinine levels rise, creatinine clearance decreased obviously, suggests that poor kidney function, also should stay in bed.

Now whether patients with acute nephritis or the chronic nephritis, the rest is when the above several kinds of symptoms, should stay in bed, especially in patients with acute glomerulonephritis. Besides reasonable rest, if occurrence other serious symptom, should hospital treatment immediately, control symptom early, lest produce other complication.