What specific harm does chronic nephritis have?

What is the specific harm of chronic nephritis? In clinical chronic nephritis is a big to the harm of patients' body, and after the disease will bring great harm to the patient's body and life, so you must be attention to the harm of chronic nephritis, incidence after active treatment to the hospital, so, chronic nephritis, specific what harm is there?

The dangers of chronic nephritis include the following:

One, the patient can appear dizzy and weak phenomenon, this also can affect the patient's daily life. Related reading: preventive measures for chronic nephritis

Second, it causes diseases in other systems, such as the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system and the urinary system.

Three, chronic nephritis patients will appear edema, because the main function of the kidneys is to generate the urine, when damage to kidney function, urine cannot normally excreted out, this will lead to edema patients. Severe edema affects the patient's normal life and affects the mood of the patient.

In the meantime, people with chronic nephritis also have high blood pressure, which is especially bad for the elderly.

Five, the most important thing is that the patient's kidney will be affected by different degree of damage, the kidney is the most important organs in human body, if the kidney problems, so the body's detoxification system can be a problem, lead to accumulation of toxins in the body a lot of, finally caused uremia. Uremia is an irreversible damage to the kidneys.

Above is about the dangers of chronic nephritis for everyone to make the related introduction, hope to bring you some help, finally suggested that chronic nephritis friend can early to normal hospital treatment, lest delay the best treatment time, bring more harm to the body.

What specific harm does chronic nephritis have?