Exercise can effectively relieve chronic kidney disease

Exercise can effectively relieve chronic kidney disease

Researchers from the University of Health Sciences at Delaware recently found a way to combat chronic kidney disease

The author of the article, Professor Dave Edwards from the renal physiology and Physiology Department by the NIH special funding for research to improve the effect of exercise of vascular health. The results showed that physical exercise can improve the health level of blood vessels and the ability of the organism. In addition, experience with the quality of life with the activity also improved significantly.

At present, more than 26 million Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease, which is difficult to detect and diagnose early, and is difficult to treat later. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in patients with chronic kidney disease

The end is only the beginning of participants. Many patients with nephropathy have expressed a desire to continue to exercise, but the lack of security, guided by environment. Therefore, the researchers hope to establish a physical exercise as a means to repair the kidney function project. The project for non dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease and had received kidney transplant patients are open. In addition, there are two patients accepted in exception: one is to accept the preliminary test, but also hope to continue to accept the exercise of patients; the other is does not meet the recruitment criteria, but exercise to patients.

The researchers for each patient were set goals, including control of blood pressure and fat loss and so on.

"For heart and lung repair, exercise is one of the mainstream methods. However, exercise related kidney disease has been inadequate. Physical exercise may lead to many aspects of the promoting effect on the health of patients, including the maintenance of muscle health to vascular health and weight control and so on.

At present, there are many kidney transplant experts and dialysis doctors recommended that patients participate in this exercise program, hoping to play an effective supporting role