A glass of water, to benefit the whole family!You don't kno

Drink more hot water!If the girls are sick, didn't hear her boyfriend said this sentence points minutes to bang?In fact, this sentence is of the highest concern to us!Because of the water to drink to really can cure ~ so drink lots of water is how to treat?Let's take a look at

Have a fever to drink water temperature

A cold fever, "drink more hot water" is really not perfunctory words.The body had a fever, moisture will play a role of the temperature regulating to cool itself, a large amount of water will be lost, sweating, dry mouth symptoms.Body has the performance of "thirst" will need to supplement moisture.And drink lots of water will increase micturition, can remove toxin in the body, and take away a lot of heat, make the body fever earlier.

Constipation water embellish bowel

A lack of moisture in the body when gastrointestinal peristalsis will reduce, cause the situation of the stool stem node.This kind of circumstance, can be exhaled drink, swallow a bit faster, make rapid moisture reaches the colon, stimulate peristalsis, achieve the goal of promoting defecation.But don't drink too much, a cup or two is enough.

Heart disease drink blood thick

Heart is not a good man can get into the habit of drink a glass of water before sleep, because a lot of heart diseases are caused by high blood viscosity, and the man was sleeping at night may be due to sweating or long time did not result in the lack of water, the water will increase blood viscosity, increasing the risk of a heart attack.So before going to bed drink a glass of water can effectively prevent the problem.

Early in the morning drink poison

After a night's sleep, people accumulate in the large amount of metabolic waste to discharge.Then a cup of water does not contain any sugar and nutrition is the optimal choice.Because it can quickly washed, take away the rubbish inside body, and no body nutrients needed to digest, not an additional burden on the body.

Sports drink water in addition to fatigue

People will be a lot of sweat, after strenuous exercise lose a lot of water.At this time to supply energy, adjust blood to circulate normally, requires proper drinking water.The right way should be a small amount into numerous small mouth water, and cannot be exhaled water, it will cause salt metabolism disorders and osmotic pressure imbalance, cause the symptom such as dizziness, nausea, arrhythmia..

Drink only little thing, but little thing, do a good job of live to have big use ~ everybody to want to grasp the perfect time to drink: in the morning, before a meal, sleep, and the amount of water a day control within the scope of the 1000 ml - 1500 ml, adjust themselves according to their own situation.Fast forward to friends, let us fall in love with water!