Dietary guidelines for nephritis patients

What is the nephritis dietary guidelines? For patients with nephritis, a reasonable diet plays an important role in the rehabilitation of the disease. Nephritis patients diet this is not a word can be made clear, according to the type of the disease, the disease and light to develop each person's diet plan. For chronic nephritis, a reasonable diet and treatment is equally important. Therefore, patients with chronic nephritis should pay more attention to diet. Here to do for you in detail, I hope you can play a certain help.

1 the diet should be suitable for hot and cold, warm and cool food the best selection.

2 with vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C food.

3 the higher biological value of protein, such as eggs, milk, meat and so on, to supplement the loss of excretion.

4 according to the change of the renal function, protein, salt and water should be restricted.

5 water without limit, drinking orange juice, Watermelon Juice, Orange Juice, fruit and vegetable juice and water, with diuretic swelling.

6 cases of anemia, should be rich in protein and iron foods, such as animal liver, beef, egg yolk and green leafy vegetables, etc..

7 for the control of blood pressure, should limit salt intake, according to the condition to give little or no salt diet, even if the blood pressure returned to normal light diet should also be appropriate.

8 when the renal function is decreased and the serum creatinine increases, the low protein diet should be given, which is helpful for the retention of residual renal function. To choose the higher biological value of protein food. And can be adapted to fish, meat, chicken and other animal protein, in order to increase the appetite of patients.