How to prevent the recurrence of chronic nephritis

If a disease occurs repeatedly, then it will have a lot of side effects on people's health, until the threat to people's health, so for any disease, we have to stay away from its repeated attacks. In particular, the treatment of chronic nephritis, kidney disease, side effects, it is necessary to do a good job related to the prevention of recurrent work. So how to prevent the recurrence of chronic nephritis? Experts say many causes of nephropathy, chronic nephritis, recurrent, recurrent seizures associated with the first principle type of nephritis itself, some disease principle type itself is not reversible, such as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Second, and the rationality of the use of drugs, in particular, the rational use of hormones and cytotoxic drugs and antihypertensive drugs, which are quite important. Hospital patient doctor usually can handle the out-patient doctor, but because no method has always been around, so relatively easy to ignore, especially mild illness patients, patients often do not follow the doctor's advice, to increase or decrease the dose or discontinuation of the medication, resulting in recurrent phenomena exhibit. Patients, because some of the results of the drug itself is not sure, such as Pan Shengding and other drugs to reduce proteinuria PRO, often after withdrawal and rebound. In addition, the low immune function of patients with chronic nephritis, especially anemia and hypoproteinemia patients, the Constitution itself and relatively low resistance, fatigue, easy to infection, if life and work without the law, will be due to infection, especially upper respiratory tract infection and induce and aggravate, even acute onset of chronic nephritis, or resulting in deterioration of renal function. There is a misuse of toxic drugs to the kidney, relative to the more common were aminoglycoside antibiotics such as gentamicin, if resulting in deterioration of renal function, high creatinine cause uremia. In addition, when the unstable condition of the patient, pregnancy, long-distance travel, exercise will cause or aggravate the disease repeatedly. The above is to prevent the recurrence of chronic nephritis related to explain, for patients with chronic nephritis, seize the time to go to a regular hospital for treatment is very necessary.