Lupus nephritis diet attention

The diet in our daily life is very important, and we all know people three meals a day not less, eating for health effects is relatively large, so if we are suffering from the disease can help alleviate the disease through diet conditioning, for lupus nephritis patients, actively cooperate with the doctor to do drug treatment at the same time don't neglect diet. So what is the lupus nephritis diet?

lupus nephritis diet:

It is important to patients with lupus nephritis treatment, but the diet is very important, lupus nephritis and eat what is good, the diet is the most important part of treatment, improve the reasonable diet for the patient are of great help.

[1] the patient is in active period, should be given priority to with light food, eat the vegetable of rich vitamin and fruit more

[2] the patient is in remission without symptoms and basically eats regular diet. What is good for lupus nephritis is the most important adjunct to the treatment of disease

[3] on the damage of kidney, such as oliguria, hypertension, edema or azotemia should use low salt and low protein diet, intake and limit water. For edema, blood pressure normal, azotemia disappeared, can eat normal diet.

[4] lupus nephritis eat what good does a diet rich in vitamin E: wheat germ, valley embryo, plant oil, Cod Liver Oil, meat and eggs, milk and cream, lettuce leaves, orange and so on.

[5] should eat food containing vitamin A, B6, D, E. Foods rich in vitamin A rich foods are milk, duck's egg, Cod Liver Oil, carotenoid rich foods are carrots, corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red fruit, cherry, loquat, plum, citrus. More food containing vitamin B6 yeast, wheat germ Valley, corn, millet and wheat, oats, rice bran etc. more food containing vitamin D dairy, duck's egg.


Foods to avoid with lupus nephritis:

1, lupus nephritis patients should not eat food
Lupus nephritis patients should not eat or eat less with enhanced light sensitive effect of food: such as figs, milk vetch, rape, celery and yellow Bullacta, such as food should avoid sunlight. The potential role of mushroom, mushrooms and some foods such as letinous edodes dyes and tobacco have induced systemic lupus erythematosus, also try not to eat or eat less.
2, lupus nephritis patients with high protein diet
The kidney damage in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus often have a lot of protein in the urine is lost, will cause the low proteinemia, it is necessary to add high-quality protein, enough, can drink milk, eat soy products, egg, meat, fish and other protein rich foods.
3, lupus nephritis patients should be low fat diet
Systemic lupus erythematosus patients with less activity, poor digestion, it is appropriate to eat light digestible food, it is not appropriate to eat fatty foods containing more fat.
4, lupus nephritis patients should be low sugar diet
Due to long-term use of corticosteroids in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, easy to cause the syndrome of steroid diabetes and Cushing, so appropriate to control appetite, eat foods high in sugar.
5, lupus nephritis patients should be low salt diet
Application of corticosteroids or patients with kidney damage easily lead to water, sodium retention, causing edema, it is necessary to low salt diet.
6, lupus nephritis patients should be more calcium supplement
To prevent glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis; eat more vitamin rich vegetables and fruits.
For you on the above is the lupus nephritis diet and the content of foods to avoid with lupus nephritis and our bodies appeared in lupus nephritis must be timely to see a doctor of our patients, actively cooperate with medical treatment, and usually have to do the above is conditioning, every patient can recover soon enough.