Daily Diet Therapy for Chronic Nephritis guidelines

The basic knowledge of chronic nephritis

1, in clinical, we often "chronic glomerulonephritis" referred to as "chronic nephritis", is a common urinary system diseases. Course in more than 1 year, and some even up to several decades. Clinical manifestations of proteinuria, edema, high blood pressure, microscopic examination of urine red blood cells. Chronic nephritis due to its long course, nephron gradually destroyed, so late often kidney atrophy, renal failure.

2, the incidence of chronic nephritis and acute, and nephritis have similarities, both of which are produced by the immune response, the patient's glomerular mesangial area and capillary loop with immune complex deposition, activation of the complement system caused by inflammatory response The

3, chronic nephritis is pided into common type, nephropathy and hypertension type 3.

(1), the common type is the most common one, urinary protein + ~ + +, with mild to moderate edema, blood pressure slightly higher than 18.6,1.9.9 / 11.9 kPa (140 ~ 150 / 90 mm Hg), renal function to a certain degree of damage.

(2), nephrotic disease onset is slow, found in the lower extremity slightly swollen, morning eyelid edema, urine examination a large number of protein (24 hours urine protein often more than 3.5 grams), when the condition gradually increased, the urine Reduce the amount of edema extended to the body, there may be pleural effusion and ascites, plasma protein is low, high cholesterol.

(3) the main clinical manifestations of hypertension, hypertension, edema is not obvious, long course of disease, slow onset, often have urine changes, and then high blood pressure, diastolic pressure is particularly evident. Patients often complain headache dizziness, blurred vision, epistaxis and so on.

Chronic nephritis is currently in clinical treatment, diet therapy is an important part of comprehensive treatment measures, diet edema of the patient subsided, reduce renal damage caused by azotemia and maintain water and electrolyte balance, improve the body nutrition are Significant role.

Daily Diet Therapy for Chronic Nephritis guidelines

1. Chronic nephritis patients with chronic illness easily damaged righteousness, physical weakness, suitable for eating supplements, such as sea cucumber, ginseng, fungus, honey, etc., to fill the spleen and kidney righting.

2. Patients with nephropathy type have a lot of proteinuria, low plasma protein, should add a lot of protein, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, etc., while to prevent blood cholesterol levels should be controlled daily intake of fat.

3. Chronic nephritis patients, often edema, nephropathy type of edema is still quite serious, to use low-salt diet (5 grams per day below the salt, about a toothpaste cover below). Especially in hypertensive patients, should be strictly limited salt intake, reduce water and sodium retention.

4. Chronic glomerulonephritis in patients with anemia is also a common symptom, to add more iron containing vitamin B, vitamin C and more food, such as red dates, cherries, longan, red beans, tomatoes, fungus, radish and so on.

5. In patients with chronic glomerulonephritis, especially in hypertensive patients, should eat light food, eat less or do not eat spicy food, such as hot pepper, ginger, garlic, curry and so on.

Introduction to simple diet recipes

1. Supplemented with high quality protein:

(1) every morning with milk 250ml; 1 egg. Applicable to patients with chronic nephritis, nephropathy, to supplement the lost protein.

(2) turtle 1 clear stew, without salt, add a little rock sugar. Applicable to chronic kidney protein protein loss.

2. Lee water can subside edema:

(1) black fish 1, melon 500 grams. Black fish to visceral wash, melon peeled slices, soup does not hold salt. Applicable to chronic nephritis with edema.

(2) lotus seeds 250 grams, 5 grams of tea, brown sugar 25 grams, lotus seeds add boiled cakes, add brown sugar, mixed with tea juice drink. Applicable to chronic nephritis palpitations, edema.

3. Potassium buck: banana 1, fresh celery 500 grams, the celery smashed squeeze juice, celery juice mixed with banana juice, once a day. Applicable to chronic nephritis hypertension.

Chronic nephritis course of slow, simple drug treatment ineffective, diet treatment is much, as long illness injury righteousness, suitable for Qi and blood, spleen and kidney, while avoiding severe labor, cold by wet, to prevent infection. After a period of diet treatment, can ease the disease, kidney function can be restored.