Chronic glomerulonephritis dietary guidelines

Chronic kidney disease is a common disease, and domestic and international surveys show that one in every ten adults has chronic kidney disease

Diet therapy method for chronic glomerulonephritis:

Five low one high: low potassium, low phosphorus, low fat, low salt, low protein, high vitamin

1, low potassium and high potassium are: all edible fungi, potatoes, yams, Chinese cabbage, red dates, bananas, oranges, white fungus, peaches, apricots, spinach, rape and so on

2, low salt, salt, high are: MSG, soda crackers, noodles, soy sauce, fried dough sticks, etc.. Blood pressure control uneven stability or high edema, avoid salt, general patients daily salt intake is less than 3 grams (a big toothpaste cover)

3, low phosphorus, high phosphorus are: seafood and marine plants, such as: kelp, seaweed, animal offal, sesame, tea, honey, egg yolk

4, low fat attention: stir fry prohibited animal oil, vegetable oil based, especially with unsaturated fatty acid corn oil is better, prohibit the consumption of greasy food

5, high quality low protein may be appropriate to eat some egg white, milk and lean meat, adjust the consumption of less than 2, daily two, vegetable protein can not eat, such as beans and soy products, tofu, soy milk and dried fruit, such as peanuts, melon seeds, walnut.

6, high vitamin can eat more vegetable dish and all kinds of fruit, such as pear, apple, cucumber, tomato and so on.