Female chronic nephritis dietary guidelines

Chronic nephritis, female chronic nephritis should pay attention to what? Chronic nephritis how to eat it? Come here to understand

1, the patient should pay attention to the content of protein in the diet

But we should also according to the condition to determine if the kidney damage is not serious, do not have to strictly limit the protein in food, every day should not exceed 1s/kg, including more than 50% high quality protein. With azotemia, according to the severity of protein restriction.

2, women with chronic nephritis should also learn to control the consumption of sodium salt

Especially those patients with edema and high blood pressure should limit salt; severe edema, following control or given 2g/d salt, salt free diet, and regularly check the blood potassium, sodium, due to chronic nephritis polyuria or long-term sodium restriction will cause the content of sodium in vivo.

3, experts said, the patient's course of disease is longer, so we should pay attention to diet should have enough heat energy and minerals and vitamins

Vitamins should be supplied enough, pay attention to vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, folic acid. Anemia should replenish vitamin B, folic acid and iron rich foods, such as animal liver and other organs, green vegetables. The carbohydrate and fat as the main source of energy.

4, our patients should also pay attention to some dietary principles when eating, in short, chronic nephritis should be closely associated with changes in the condition, revised dietary formula, in order to facilitate the stability and recovery of the disease