Lupus nephritis diet for the elderly

General lupus erythematosus is common in young women, but with the accelerated pace of life, the elderly do not know what reason began to suffer from lupus erythematosus, so we understand the lupus symptoms in the elderly, in the life of lupus nephritis how to diet?

In patients with lupus nephritis, the diet, contraindications, lupus treatment and rehabilitation process, there are certain foods can induce or exacerbate lupus conditions, as follows:

1. vegetables

Pepper, pepper, pepper, garlic, onions, ginger and other spicy food should not be used, spinach can increase lupus nephritis proteinuria, urinary tube, cauliflower increased hair loss should not be used

2. seafood

Prohibit the consumption of shrimp, crab and other seafood food, can induce lupus, can also increase the original lupus condition

3. meat

Cattle and sheep meat, horse meat, flesh of a donkey isothermal should not use high cholesterol, fasting animal offal, egg yolk, hairtail, pig etc.

4. fruit

Light allergic patients fasting figs, allergic patients fasting pineapple, mango, red bayberry; high potassium fasting should not be drinking 5. oranges, bananas, not with wine, wine treatment. Harmful ingredients such as nicotine can stimulate blood vessel walls with vasculitis, should be completely destroyed.

The above is about the elderly lupus nephritis diet points, elderly people because older so we need to care about their body, if it is found that the elderly lupus symptoms must be timely to the hospital for treatment.