Lupus nephritis diet control

Lupus nephritis what to eat? In patients with lupus nephritis in addition to accept scientific treatment, in the diet should also pay more attention to in daily life pay attention to conditioning, diet and treatment with common treatment. Then lupus nephritis eat what is good? What are the diet taboo of lupus nephritis lupus nephritis? What to eat?

1, the patient is active, should be light diet based, eat more vitamins rich vegetables and fruits

2, the patient is in remission without symptoms and basically eats an ordinary diet

3, the damage of kidney, such as oliguria, hypertension, edema or azotemia should use low salt and low protein diet, intake and limit water. For edema, blood pressure normal, azotemia disappeared, can eat normal diet.

4, high protein foods: egg white, milk, lean meat (pork, chicken, fish)

5, pumpkin, once in a forum to see a group of posts, said side effects of pumpkin can deal with hormone, I had a period of time, the general effect, may be the amount of hormone I eat too much. But it is not a bad thing. Pumpkin

6, if you have skin erythema, but when wet and aggravating, can drink barley rice and red beans boiled water, the dehumidifying effect is very good.

7, eat more vegetables and fruits, fruit, recommend pitaya, kiwi and other small sugar fruit

What are the contraindications to lupus nephritis diet?

1, seafood

2, lamb and all other strange and eccentric meat, beef and mutton should belong to a class, but a lot of books were not marked not to eat, but some Chinese medicine is prohibited we this kind of patient to eat. I sometimes eat a little lamb. But resolute don't eat meat. Strange and eccentric types including but not limited to, dog meat, venison rabbit meat, venison and so on.

3 fungi: including but not limited to mushrooms or Auricularia auricula

4, bean products: Western medicine doctor told me, bean is not totally unable to eat, if you eat bean products today to eat less meat, the total amount of control. Because there is a large number of soybean plant protein. I think it is better not to eat. Including but not limited to Soybean Milk, tofu, bean sprouts, all kinds of Doug.

5, too sweet food: including but not limited to bananas and other sugary fruits and drinks. Prevent diabetes

6, too salty food: to control blood pressure is good. I'm from the north, the taste is heavy, blood pressure consistent control is not good

7, light vegetables: spinach, celery, rape and so on

8, too spicy food: for blood pressure is not good, should be fasting

9, drink tea and coffee, or drink boiling water safer. Avoid too many things, but who let the sick do not eat do not eat, as long as the condition is good.