Lupus nephritis diet tip

One cause of lupus nephritis is not only related to the congenital factors you, including your lifestyle, including your diet. Their own factors, depending on your use of food. Once you have lupus nephritis, you should change your diet. Now, let our experts offer some suggestions the diet of lupus nephritis for you.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system affects every internal organ and tissue. The body needs enough nutrients and energy to improve your immune system and fight disease

The majority of lupus patients absorb food and nutrient poor, so you need some easy to digest food, such as soaking almonds, soup, porridge. More importantly, the digestive enzymes and probiotics, to help your gastrointestinal absorption.

In addition, in order to improve immunity and reduce inflammation, you should support your body with enough essential fatty acids. But you should not eat too much fat and food, and you should give preference to vegetable oil instead of animal oil

I would like to mention that lupus nephritis patients should improve their food to avoid some viruses attacking the immune system weak

In patients with lupus nephritis kidney is not working properly, leading to malnutrition. Filtering toxins and waste not excreted in the urine. You need to lose weight this way should contain simple, natural, such as fruits and vegetables and food. If you have severe swelling, you should make sure to drink plenty of water to help rid the body of waste.

Lupus nephritis patients should avoid high intake of salt, which may lead to sodium retention and swelling. High intake of salt can also increase blood pressure, which can damage the kidneys

I hope these tips can help against lupus nephritis. Each patient has its own state, you will find your own reflection gradually food. Please note that is, food to eat or not eat, can alleviate some of the pain. If you have any questions about the diet of lupus nephritis, welcomed the expert online consult our message.