Lupus nephritis diet treatment

Lupus nephritis diet treatment of the disease plays a key role. Patients should not be ignored, lupus nephritis and lost a lot of nutrition in the treatment process, so the diet include into high calorie, high vitamin, low salt diet, in addition to renal dysfunction can give a high protein diet. The conditions for long-term use of milk, especially colostrum containing large antibodies in colostrum, can increase the immunity. The animal of high quality protein, such as milk, egg, meat and so on. The amount of food should be appropriate. Should eat light digestible food, should eat no fat rich food to limit salt intake. And give a low salt diet, in order to avoid edema symptoms. Hormone therapy in patients with long-term use, can cause the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, calcium loss, so usually in addition to routine taking calcium supplements, also should eat some food containing calcium, at the same time Add some active vitamin D to help calcium absorption. You can also eat fresh vegetables to supplement your body's vitamins

I do not eat food that can cause allergies, such as fig milk, peas, canola, celery, yellow shell, spiral bacteria, etc., should be limited, thereby reducing the occurrence of lupus nephritis

II: lupus nephritis, nephritis, kidney damage can cause protein loss, a large number of blood leading to hypoproteinemia, so it is very important to add enough high-quality protein

III: low fat diet, lupus nephritis patients digestive function is not good, in order to better digestion of food, can not eat high fat food

IV: low carbohydrate diet, lupus nephritis patients due to long-term use of glucocorticoids, and thus easy to get Cushing syndrome, diabetes, so sugar intake should be controlled

V: low salt diet, which can cause kidney damage: edema (swelling), so patients need a low salt diet

VI: supplement calcium, take hormone will lead to osteoporosis; when kidney damage develops to a certain extent, the phosphorus in the kidney can not excrete, will accelerate the loss of calcium, so need to add calcium

In patients with lupus nephritis should take active treatment and maintain an optimistic attitude, reasonable diet can make patients with lupus nephritis like a normal work and study. If you have any questions, please give us a message online expert inquiry.