What is renal infection? What is the cause of renal infection?

What is kidney infection?

General kidney infection secondary to lower urinary tract infection, because the blood supply of renal rich and flushing effect of urine, normal kidney has a strong resistance to infection, urinary tract infection and most asymptomatic bacteriuria do not develop kidney and upper urinary tract infection. Through effective antibiotic treatment and the most mature renal acute renal infection can better recovery, and will not leave scars or kidney damage. But there are predisposing factors, more prone to kidney infection, and the infection occurred after kidney treatment more difficult, and easily lead to acute or chronic complications.

What is renal infection? What is the cause of renal infection?

Causes of renal infection

1. bacteriuria: there is almost always bacteriuria in the active period of acute pyelonephritis infection

2. diabetes: diabetes kidney infection, and the infection occurred after the treatment is also difficult. Important nutrients required for bacterial sugar, diabetes can increase urine concentration. The immune function of patients with diabetes decreased white blood cell killing of pathogenic bacteria were reduced due to small vessel disease, the organization effect of blood supply and lack of ischemia, inflammation, infiltration of inflammatory lesion. To inhibit antibody such as nerve damage, occurrence of neurogenic bladder dysfunction leads to abnormal bladder emptying and urinary retention, but also prone to infection factors.

What is renal infection? What is the cause of renal infection?

3.: urinary tract obstruction of urinary tract obstruction to urine stasis, bacteria easy proliferation. Calyx pressure will also result in local pathogenic bacteria breeding.

4. urinary calculi: whether or not combined with urinary tract obstruction, urinary calculi will create a favorable growth environment for pathogenic bacteria, so that drug-resistant strains grow

5. ureteral reflux: the incidence of renal infection is increased in patients with reflux of ureter and ureter

6. pregnancy: Although the bacterial content in urine of pregnant women before pregnancy is not significantly increased, but due to urinary obstruction and urinary system to pregnancy flow stasis will prone to infection.

What is renal infection? What is the cause of renal infection?

7. others: some of the factors that make kidney infections easy to develop and develop include pain resistance, kidney disease, uric acid nephropathy, immune suppression, and general debility

What are the disease of kidney infection?

Diabetes mellitus, urinary calculi, urinary tract obstruction, bladder ureter reflux

How is kidney infection diagnosed?

To determine whether the infection is renal or cause infection, blood tests, urine tests, intravenous X-ray examination of the pelvis, IVP, cystoscopy, ultrasound scan, etc. are needed