Tips of how to prevent nephritis

Exercise. A major cause of nephritis is infection, especially Streptococcus infection. Therefore, the best way to prevent nephritis is strengthen physical exercise, enhance the body's resistance to disease, to reduce the upper respiratory tract infection, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other diseases.

Control of blood glucose and blood pressure. The patients with diabetes and hypertension is increasing year by year, the disease is easily caused by concurrent nephritis, uremia. Therefore, usually must develop good habits, get rid of bad habits such as smoking drinking, regular health examination, early detection of diabetes and hypertension, effectively control blood glucose and blood pressure.

The rational use of drugs. With the accelerated pace of life and the improvement of the cultural quality, some people suffering from minor ailments, often do not seek medical treatment, but to the pharmacy in the case of a pharmacological medication overdose, but drug therapy, it also have adverse reactions. Most of the drug the medicine is after liver detoxification, after excretion by the kidneys, the kidneys and liver to body organs susceptible to poisoning, susceptible to damage. Therefore, once sick, must be correct and reasonable use of drugs under the guidance of a doctor, reduce drug-induced nephritis occurs.