The dangers of nephrotic syndrome in many ways

Generally speaking, the probability of low immunity or human aging people suffering from nephrotic syndrome will be relatively high, so, in daily life, the elderly, children and people often catch a cold and have a fever, to prevent the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome, or in the event of serious harm. Below, to explain the risk of nephrotic syndrome performance.

In the early stages of nephrotic syndrome, the capillaries in the kidneys are damaged and the most important proteins in the blood seep into the urine and the urine levels exceed the protein levels. This is commonly known as proteinuria, which is also known as micro albuminuria in the early stage, because only a small amount of protein is present in the urine. Normally, urine contains less than 30 micrograms of protein a day. If it is more than 30 micrograms, the kidneys have been damaged.

With the aggravation of nephrotic syndrome, the microvasculature of kidney is becoming more and more serious, and the loss of protein will be more and more. If the daily loss of protein amounts to one thousand mg, there will be swelling of the ankle, which is the result of fluid accumulation. As the filtration function of the kidneys gradually declines, metabolic wastes slowly begin to collect in the blood, and the level of metabolic waste accumulation can be measured by examining serum creatinine levels. With the increase of creatinine content, the content of other metabolic wastes is also increasing, which will cause nausea and fatigue.

Loss of renal function, metabolic wastes will accumulate in the kidney, which will seriously damage the kidneys, kidney can effectively manufacture erythropoietin and bone marrow, but need this material to manufacture oxygen transport of red blood cells; this will produce anemia, the body cells lack of oxygen.

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The dangers of nephrotic syndrome in many ways