Key points for conservative treatment of nephrotic syndrome is precautions

The key to the conservative treatment of nephrotic syndrome is precautions, nephropathy problems is more harm, as patients with nephrotic syndrome is best to seize the time to treatment, in the treatment process there are many we need to pay attention to, today we have to talk about what you should pay attention to conservative treatment at the same time, so that the disease can be controlled, faster recovery.

Nephrotic syndrome patients must pay attention to diet, to choose the easy to digest, light food, eat less animal fat is best to eat semi liquid food, eat less salt, replenish the vitamin, which all contribute to the rehabilitation of nephrotic syndrome. Nephrotic syndrome patients still more bed rest, you can participate in appropriate sports, so that their physical and mental pleasure. The skin of patients with nephrotic syndrome is very easy to dry, so you should choose the skin care products that moisturize the skin.

Drug treatment of patients with nephrotic syndrome, if edema is very serious to avoid injection intramuscular injection, because it will lead to drug absorption in vivo retention method, is not good, or even cause skin infection, erosion.

Nursing measures for patients with nephrotic syndrome is also critical, pay attention to daily life care, the sun, especially in summer, patients should pay more attention to. According to the changes in the weather, develop good rest habits, do not stay up late at noon, five lines of repair, so that we can ensure that physical strength, and help rehabilitation.

In patients with nephrotic syndrome in the spring and summer to hide selection of vegetables and fruits, but still must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the doctor diet, can not eat more, to avoid increasing the burden on the kidneys, although watermelon diuresis and detumescence, but eat more easy to increase the burden of kidney disease, so should moderation.