Prevention of pediatric nephrotic syndrome

Pediatric nephrotic syndrome is one of them. Pediatric nephrotic syndrome is the second most common cause of nephritis in children with nephrotic syndrome. It is common in children with small kidney disease Ball disease. To children's physical and mental health caused great harm, in order to avoid the occurrence of pediatric syndrome, prevention is very helpful, let's take a look.

Pediatric nephrotic syndrome, a great harm, then how to prevent it? Related Experts description: Pediatric nephrotic syndrome is due to the glomerular filtration barrier to plasma protein permeability increased, resulting in a large number of plasma proteins lost from the urine caused by a The clinical syndrome, the main clinical features of massive proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipidemia and edema. It is very harmful to children, so prevention is necessary for children. Pediatric nephrotic syndrome usually preventive measures:

1, usually to arrange a reasonable living and rest system, to strengthen physical exercise, should be avoided at the same time.

2, to ensure nutritional balance, enhance physical fitness and body resistance.

3, pay attention to personal hygiene and sanitation clean.

4, to maintain a relaxed and happy mood, and strengthen self-care awareness.

5, active prevention and treatment of infected lesions, active prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease.

6, pay attention to their own monitoring. Conscious body discomfort, such as the emergence of nocturia, loss of appetite, waist discomfort or soreness, especially after getting up in the morning eyelid facial edema and voiding abnormalities, suggesting that may have kidney disease, to the hospital in time an examination.

The above is a detailed introduction to preventive measures for children with nephrotic syndrome, if you still need to understand, you can contact our online experts.

Prevention of pediatric nephrotic syndrome