Nephrotic syndrome protein diet

Nephrotic syndrome patients generally lose a lot of protein, so patients with nephrotic syndrome to add protein in the diet. Nephrotic syndrome patients with a lot of taboos, patients should not only add protein, but also to avoid improper diet, affecting the treatment effect. The following is about how to supplement the protein for kidney syndrome through diet .

1,azotemia (chemotherapy erythropoietin nitrogen, creatinine higher than normal) nephrotic syndrome patients, nephrotic syndrome diet to properly limit the intake of protein.

For nephrotic syndrome, should use high-quality protein, such as eggs, milk, lean meat and other animal protein, which contains the necessary amino acids higher, and in vivo synthesis of nitrogenous substances produced less. This is important in the diet of nephrotic syndrome. Plant protein such as soy products, corn, flour, rice and other essential amino acids with less essential non-essential amino acids, biological efficiency is low, so called low-quality protein, nephrotic syndrome diet should be appropriate limit.

2, there are normal renal function of patients with nephrotic syndrome, protein intake of 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day, kidney disease syndrome, plus the loss of urine can be.

Finally, the human body needs a certain amount of daily heat to survive, there are azotemia nephrotic syndrome patients, eating less protein, it must eat some carbohydrates (such as sugar, glucose) to add, in addition to nephrotic syndrome Diet should eat more vitamins rich in new vegetables and fruits.

The following is an introduction about the nephrotic syndrome protein diet, hoping to help.If there is a problem with the nephrotic syndrome diet, you can leave a message below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Nephrotic syndrome protein diet