Is nephrotic syndrome more serious than nephritis?

What is the difference between nephrotic syndrome and chronic nephritis?

Nephrotic syndrome is not a disease, but a variety. It is caused by a variety of causes of increased glomerular permeability, resulting in a large number of plasma protein loss syndrome.

Similarly, nephritis is also not an independent disease, hematuria as the main performance, may be associated with proteinuria, edema, hypertension, a variety of nephropathy, are nephritis.

Therefore, there are many kinds of nephrotic syndrome, there are many kinds of chronic nephritis. If the doctor gave you the diagnosis, only a nephrotic syndrome, which means behind the meaning: do not know what kind of kidney disease.

Diagnosis is not clear, the treatment will be confused.

How to diagnose in place?

To nephrotic syndrome, for example, it usually has five

1. Minimal lesion of kidney disease

2.Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis

3. focal segmental glomerular sclerosis

4. membranous nephropathy

5. Membranous hyperplastic nephritis

What kidney more serious?

In fact, not necessarily.

Such as focal segmental sclerosis, membranoproliferative nephropathy patients, small urinary protein, no nephrotic syndrome. You think he did not appear nephrotic syndrome can rest assured? Results nephritis direct renal failure, and even some of the low survival of nephritis.

This is why, here are two reasons:

1. These five diseases, including other nephropathy, are classified into many types, almost all of which are very different

2. The condition will develop with time.

Therefore, some nephrotic syndrome refractory to nephritis, nephrotic nephropathy than some nephrotic syndrome refractory.