Folic acid supplementation may slow progression of chronic kidney disease

Folic acid supplementation may slow progression of chronic kidney disease

Recently, the scientific and authoritative periodicals of the journal, journal of the American medical association internal medicine, is the first study to confirm that a moderate amount of folic acid supplementation can obviously delay the hypertension patients with kidney disease process, reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) develop uremia. Folic acid is cheap, convenient taking and very safe, suitable for as a high-risk groups for prevention and control of measure.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has become a hit 120 million people public health problem in our country. Uremia patients currently only a lifetime depend on dialysis or kidney transplant survival, costly medical resources. Chronic kidney disease patients also have concurrent high risk of stroke and other cardiovascular events. Therefore, how to effectively delay progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD), prevention of cardiovascular events, has been focused on medicine and medical and health department.

20 rural community in China the study recruited to participate in China's primary stroke prevention trial of more than 15000 adult patients with high blood pressure, the average age of 60. Patients were randomly assigned to buck with folic acid groups (take one tablet a day with 10 mg of enalaprilat and 0.8 mg of folic acid "leaf"), pure hypertension group (a daily dose of 10 mg of enalaprilat) and average of 4.4 years of treatment. Results show that compared with the simple treatment, while folic acid supplementation can significantly reduce the speed of the hypertension patients with renal impairment, had a 21% lower risk of developing kidney disease. Before the treatment for 1671 patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), folic acid make development had a 56% lower risk of kidney disease, and significantly reduced renal function decreased rapidly and kidney disease development and the risk of death.

It is understood that the crowd folate deficiency is very common in our country, the average serum level significantly lower than the western people, this may be related to diet and genetic. Given the importance of folic acid on human health, since 1998, the United States and Canada and so on started to add folic acid in flour and other grain. Our country has not yet adopted a policy of folic acid supplementation of public health, lack of common causes of folic acid may also be the crowd.

Early researchers conducted epidemiological survey showed that folate deficiency is China's rural community people get kidney disease progress of risk factors. Aiming at this characteristic, the research team has carried out the folic acid supplementation delay the randomized controlled study of renal function impairment. The study also confirmed that folic acid supplementation can effectively reduce the risk of first stroke hypertension patients.