/6 cm cyst on kidney natural treatment

6 cm cyst on kidney natural treatment

author:admin       pubdate:2017-07-29 16:18

6 cm cyst on kidney natural treatment6 cm of renal cyst volume is relatively large, the surrounding renal tissue caused by oppression, will cause kidney tissue ischemia and necrosis caused by renal dysfunction. Moreover, if because of strenuous exercise or violent action are easy to cause extrusion cyst, cyst rupture, induced infection. So your current condition is the need for early treatment of./span span patients with renal cyst in the diet should avoid spicy: such as pepper; avoid alcohol, smoking (including passive smoking); avoid chocolate, coffee, fish, shrimp, crab and other volatiles; avoid salty foods, especially pickled foods.

Belong to the cyst lesions, the size and number of it are increased with the course of development there is a certain probability of canceration, later gradually oppression kidney, affect kidney function, cause kidney failure and uremia.
Suggestions: pay attention to the daily life:

1. good habits: smoking cessation and alcohol. Smoking and drinking, can easily lead to acidic;
2. don't eat too much salty and spicy food: eat hot, cold, and expired spoiled food;
3. have a good mentality to cope with the pressure, work and rest, do not fatigue;
4. strengthen physical exercise to enhance physical fitness, exercise in the sun and the more acidic the body sweat can be excreted with the sweat, to avoid the formation of acidic; 
5. the law of life: should develop good habits, so as to maintain alkaline physique, make all kinds of diseases from cancer ;
6. do not eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish balls, moldy food, to eat some green organic food, to prevent the Disease enters by the mouth..

Wish a speedy recovery.



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