/Left renal cyst small is it serious?

Left renal cyst small is it serious?

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The left renal cyst is a cyst of kidney, renal cyst was pided into two single renal cysts and renal cyst, multiple cyst and solitary cyst. The incidence rate of renal cyst will increase with increasing Left renal cyst small is it serious?age. Most of the left renal cyst is simple renal cyst, then left renal cyst is not very big, on the body the harm?

Left renal cyst serious harm, timely treatment is the key

Hazard 1: can cause kidney failure

Renal cyst will continue to increase in the body, it will affect the function of the kidney, accompanied by urinary protein, urinary occult blood, hypertension and other symptoms, severe cases can cause renal failure and even uremia.

Hazard 2: cysts may rupture

For patients with too large renal cysts, there may be a sudden rupture, and then infection, aggravating the disease, and the cyst is too large, but also oppression of the surrounding kidney tissue, affecting the kidney function

Harm 3: make cyst cancerization.

When the patient's renal area pain or (or) hematuria changes, weight loss, ESR increase, anemia and renal dysfunction, or red blood cell proliferation, the occurrence of renal cell carcinoma should be alert

What is the harm of renal cysts as above. So don't check out the renal cyst were let down, no symptoms can be thought as the peace of mind, in fact, the cyst grew up, the kidney health threat is more and more big. So, there must be timely treatment of renal cyst to regular hospital.


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