/What are the symptoms of renal cyst

What are the symptoms of renal cyst

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Renal cyst disease incidence in the US is more and more high, polycystic kidney disease is generally not particularly obvious symptoms, have related symptoms only to the progression of the disease to a certain extent, this time in our treatment, a relatively late, so we must understand the renal cyst and symptoms of the disease. So what are the specific symptoms of renal cyst? The following by the Chinese medicine hospital experts to introduce it.

What specific symptom does kidney cyst have?

The symptoms of 1 renal cysts, renal carbuncle. This is a rare kidney disease, patient history, can be found in the history of fever and skin infection. Local pain before the week. Urography showed the lesions and cysts and tumors are similar, but due to the influence of circumrenal inflammation, renal cysts tend to make kidney the contour and psoas shadow blurred.

The symptoms of kidney cyst 2, kidney cancer. The pathogenesis of renal cyst, if not treated, can lead to kidney cancer symptoms. Showed the lesions, but prone to deep, causing bending more obvious calyceal renal cyst. The hematuria is common, and the cyst is not see. When the pressure of renal parenchymal tumors in the psoas muscle in the abdominal plain film, can not see the muscle edge, and cyst is still visible.

The symptoms of kidney cyst 3, hydronephrosis. This is one of the most common symptoms of renal cysts, symptoms and signs with simple renal cysts showed complete agreement, but urography is different. The deformation caused by renal cyst, and hydronephrosis was due to obstruction caused by renal calices and renal pelvis expansion. Acute or subacute hydronephrosis due to increased intrapelvic pressure often have a more localized pain, and easy to make and its performance is complicated due to infection.

The symptoms of 4 renal cysts, polycystic kidney. Common symptoms also belong to kidney cyst, as urography shows, this disease is almost always bilateral, diffuse renal calyx and pelvis have been distorted into its rules. Simple renal cyst is more solitary solitary. Polycystic kidney is often associated with renal function damage and hypertension, and renal cysts are not, it's part of renal cyst.

Due to the occurrence and development of renal cyst is the interaction of the two factors and results. Therefore, the environment changes with the growth of the main cyst change, infection of renal toxic substances, emotional, fatigue, changes in diet and other factors directly affect the cyst growth speed, so that the cyst grows fast and slow phenomenon. With the different stages of growth speed is not the same characteristics.

Small renal cysts cause much damage to the kidneys do not have, but because of the growing characteristics of cyst causes many people to renal dysfunction or uremia development in a few years or ten years, so that people can't be ignored. So what is the characteristics of cyst growth? Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital experts believe that renal cyst.



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