Why choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Many foreign patients give up the treatment of Western medicine came to China for treatment, why?

Western medicine treatment of a variety of nephritis, kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome, use of hormone therapy, but the hormone on the condition of the cover of the disease is strong, the side effects are obvious, and easy to relapse. Chinese medicine is not in hand, obvious curative effect, less recurrence, on the other hand, no pain, no side effect, low cost, and the pathogenesis of immune imbalance is an important mechanism of nephropathy especially, the overall regulation and the traditional Chinese medicine has unique advantages in the treatment of immune imbalance. 

Multi target to Chinese medicine treatment, multi locus and multiple genes of the immune hyperfunction has bidirectional regulation effect, can inhibit the immune, immune function can improve immunity, especially in patients with chronic kidney disease, whole Chinese medicine regulating immune balance therapy has unique curative effect. So at present, Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease, compared with some medical technology developed countries do not point up and down.

Conclusion: Although nephropathy is difficult to recover, but not an incurable disease. As long as grasp the key of treatment, rational use of drugs, will achieve the desired results!

Author:An Lin