kidney disease hospital nursing skills contest

"The assessment of nursing, we focus on the application of traditional Chinese medicine nursing knowledge and skills in clinical proficiency test." Director of Nursing Department of kidney hospital said.

The day before, in order to further improve and consolidate the nursing basic theory knowledge and clinical skills, nursing staff of kidney disease hospital hospital more than 150, for the fourth quarter of this year the theoretical knowledge and skills assessment.

The examination were carried out two parts of Chinese medicine and Western medicine nursing theory knowledge and clinical skills, clinical operation mainly by moxibustion, moxibustion, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine enema infriction and four TCM skill operation is the focus of the assessment, proficiency test nursing of TCM nursing operation technique.

In order to ensure the service level and the quality of nursing, nursing department of the hospital long-term new nursing staff and skills behind the nurse training and assessment as a key object, regularly carry out nursing knowledge, skills training, and set up a nursing classroom, equipped with the related nursing demonstration mold. While arranging for high school nurses as teachers.

Through the assessment, the hospital has created a strong learning atmosphere, while strengthening the operational capacity of nursing staff and clinical skills. The effective combination of Chinese and Western nursing skills and clinical application is our nursing characteristics, we will continue to strengthen and consolidate the basic skills of the nursing team training, to provide better quality care services for patients."