Walking in the forefront of the beijing kidney disease hospi

What are we like?

beijing kidney disease hospital was founded in 1986, after 30 years of brilliant development, has now become a set of medical, teaching, scientific research as one of the new modern treatment of kidney disease. A total area of 48 thousand square meters, total construction area of 66 thousand square meters, and completed more than 90000 cases of kidney repair treatment, carried out various kinds of kidney disease examination.

30 years, we focus on the treatment of kidney disease, one after another to overcome the medical problems, the development of a large number of specialized, sophisticated, sharp business ability of the treatment of kidney specialists, as well as a number of professional medical staff.

The spirit of "a hundred years to build the hospital of various nephropathy" mentality, to "100 times to cherish life care; one hundred years to build a harmonious hospital information" purpose, the implementation of the "concentric circle effect mode, service mode, service models of" service standards, the hospital has formed a huge medical team includes more than 300 medical experts, more than 1300.

In order to obtain better treatment experience, spending huge sums to build the hospital examination and treatment of advanced equipment, including Germany Roche COBAS8000 biochemical immune pattern analysis system, the German SIEMENS BNII specific protein analyzer, Abbott ARCHITECT i1000 chemiluminescence analyzer, XE-2100 Nishimori Meikang blood cell analyzer, blood coagulation analyzer and 1500 Nishimori respectively.

In the case analysis, the type of nephropathy was carefully pided, the establishment of 32 treatment departments, so that patients with kidney disease can be targeted treatment, to ensure the effectiveness of treatment.

What can we do? 

Over the past 30 years, the focus of research in the treatment of kidney disease, so that we have formed a set of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine supplemented by Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment.

In the treatment of Western medicine, created a unique immune inflammatory blocking technology, using targeted therapeutic techniques, immune inflammation caused by immune complex deposition inhibition, has the advantages of accurate positioning, high efficiency and little side effects.

In the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, established a set of "clean blood toxin therapy", referred to as "clear blood therapy", including oral, moxibustion, inunction, foot bath, medicated bath, enema, dressing and other seven kinds of therapy, forming an internal and external, multi pronged treatment system.

In addition to traditional Chinese medicine of blood purification, in western medicine, blood purification center with a full set of blood purification equipment, including hemodialysis, plasma exchange, hemofiltration, ELISA, blood purification treatment.

How are we doing? 

Regularly invited Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking University Hospital, Beijing Friendship Hospital and many other top domestic experts to our hospital for academic exchanges and consultation. Many doctors and patients exchange will be held for patients with kidney disease expert lectures, with the most popular language to help you understand the understanding of kidney disease, kidney disease. Our efforts and success, but also has been widely recognized.

What are we breaking through? 

We hope that all patients with nephropathy can understand the kidney disease; all patients with nephropathy can rekindle the hope of life; all doctors can treat patients with nephropathy cherish life; all the nephrologist can join to this career! We are willing to clear diagnosis and eliminate misdiagnosis. The application of advanced technology in clinical practice, so that people around the world can enjoy the treatment of Chinese medicine!