Music therapy for kidney disease

At present music treatment has been widely used, but it is more psychosomatic diseases. Music therapy as an auxiliary means also has a certain status in the treatment of nephropathy. Experts believe that the use of music therapy in patients with kidney disease is one of the most effective means of treating tumor. The effect of music on human body can change the mood of patients with kidney disease and regulate immune function. They have kidney disease patients common grumpy, lonely, despair, anger, sorrow and so on five kind of bad mood belong to "fire, earth, metal, wood, water," and in accordance with the principle, put forward the corresponding music prescription in tone. But there is no application instance. According to the theory of music therapy, the patients were treated with music, and the effect was obvious. Music treatment was significantly different before and after treatment, and the mental health level was significantly improved. Therefore, music therapy provides a new effective method for improving the psychological and mental health of patients with nephropathy, extending life span and improving the quality of life. Music analgesic therapy to patients with advanced tumors more than 10 years, confirmed that music therapy has regulating effect to the patient's body and mind, the stable mood, to prevent stress, eliminate pain has a good effect, at the same time, the rhythm of the music, beautiful melody can guide the patient in a relaxed and happy, can have scattered attention, mask and ease the pain of patients. It is equipped with a separate treatment rooms, with lively, relaxed, stretches the rising and falling, flowing and flowing of folk music, light music and lyric song is given priority to, for the volume in patients with the most comfortable degree, can talk to each other after the treatment of some interesting things, avoid all stress, anxiety and fear. The therapeutic effect of psychological intervention in patients with cancer radiotherapy, think in kidney cancer radiotherapy with imagination and music therapy can improve the patient's immune function, reduce anxiety and depression, improve the quality of survival. Music treatment of combined drugs (amitriptyline) is a more economical, safer, and better treatment for depression; It is considered that "music therapy" is a simple and practical method to improve the quality of life of patients with nephropathy. The study found that music therapy had a positive effect on relieving anxiety symptoms in patients.