The psychotherapy of the end of kidney disease

It is not terrible that the body is diseased, but it is the mental health of the patient that breaks down first. Because of the superficial understanding of kidney disease, once a patient knows that he has been diagnosed with a kidney disease, he thinks "it's all over" and is waiting for death. Such a patient has lost his faith in survival and often dies prematurely. There was a saying: "cancer, fear of death; The second is grief; Third, improper treatment, physical deficiency and death; The fourth is the disease. It's not terrible to have a kidney disease on a person's body. The most terrible thing is that the spirit straddled, and that person has no medicine to cure... ".

The reason for fear is that people don't know much about kidney disease, and little is known about the development of medicine. Second, people have heard more about "kidney disease" and less knowledge of cure. Darkness covers the light; Moreover is some doctors caused by the irresponsible remarks, they often loose lips determine patients "also can live at most 2 months", "go back to want to eat what good things to eat what good things!" These words mean the death penalty for the patient. This is irresponsible and lack of scientific evidence.

In fact, the death rate of nephropathy gradually increases, but kidney disease is not terminal disease. As long as you know it, know it, plus timely and accurate treatment, combined with the "warm and healthy two" of traditional Chinese medicine, make it possible to fight. The next day of the spleen and stomach, this can really make cancer not equal to death!

In addition, after suffering from kidney disease, the following points should be done psychologically:

(1) come and go. Anxiety and fear are not only bad but harmful. So the heart relaxes. Carefree, peace of mind is the best choice.

(2) strategic disregard and tactical attention. Despise the harm of kidney disease or not, pay attention to the choice of cure, especially oneself must have a strong to conquer tumour cancer disease's constant heart.

(3) formulate a feasible rehabilitation plan, actively cooperate with the doctor's arrangement, and stick to the course of medicine.