Art therapy and music therapy

The world health organization (WHO) and the harvard school of public health in 2020 to make a prediction of the trend of the human disease death, most common cause of death in the rankings, \"major depression\" ranked second, teach people shocked and upset.

Using the art activities to understand the patient inner consciousness

Indeed, mental illness has become more and more serious all over the world, especially the global depression cases continue to increase, gradually formed take lightly.The cause of mental illness include both psychological and physical.Psychological aspects, at the end of the day there are a lot of because the pressure ACTS.

The pressure of modern sources include emotion, work, family, lifestyle, almost everywhere, so stay away from disease, must want to know how to relieve the pressure.Gradually in recent years, the medical community recognition and affirmation of \"art therapy\" and \"music therapy\", think that these two kinds of natural health therapy can be applied in mental disease rehabilitation or \"psychosomatic disease\", or as the auxiliary tool of medical treatment.

Art therapy is through self-expression to heal disease, it began to develop in the 1920 s, as for the origin of art therapy can push that even prehistoric cave paintings.The so-called art therapy is a medical personnel to use art activities to understand the patient's mind, to help the emotions trapped to express feelings, such as the idea, let the patient projection for painting inner conflict, interpersonal relationship, and because the disease caused by.Art therapy can be any art, art activities, such as painting, collage, molded plastic and sculpture, in accordance with the needs of the patient with paint pen, crayon, color pen, carbon, clay, or other art material, in order to achieve the purpose of the treatment.

Expert thinks, because art therapy can reflect the inpidual personality development, personality traits and the subconscious, therefore in the treatment process and way, lenovo is very important.Experts say, by patients with painting to express his inner world, more clearly than words, medical personnel can according to the patient's painting process, understand the pathological and disease.

The American art therapy association study, art therapy has two big main orientation:

A, artistic creation is treatment, because in the process of writing can ease emotional ups and downs conflict, and help to self awareness and self growth.

Second, if the application of art in terms of psychological treatment, so the works and some works of lenovo, for an inpidual to maintain balance of the inner world and outer world of great help.

To music therapy to cure disease

As well as art therapy, music therapy will become more and more medical attention.In fact, the Chinese medicine for thousands of years, music has a great help for the physical and mental illness.As early as before the tang dynasty, China has developed in the palace, shang, Angle, character, five tones and heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys of the five zang-organs theory of music therapy, think that sound is six to preserve one's health, health care, medical diseases is very helpful.

In the past decades, the medical profession was once very particular about \"science\", music and the close relations between health and ignored, or even to be negative.In recent years, the eastern and western medicine are studying carefully and confirmed the treatment value of music again.

At present, in China, the United States, Canada, Japan and other places have will be the application of music therapy on health care, music therapists are in these countries have professional license, trained the medical personnel, at the same time, now on the market and the music of sleep health, eliminate nervous fatigue music, music to appear.

The heaviest if relax

Experts say that music does have a comfortable mood, reduce the effectiveness of stress and anxiety, the rhythm of the music, tone ups and downs will infect people deep emotion couldn't express in words.Experts agreed that to music therapy to cure disease, should first understand the patient condition and the cause, in order to take different orientation for different condition.

It is worth mentioning that in music therapy to treat disease, the heaviest if want to relax, and choose the right music.Some beautiful melodies, audio is not too high, the volume is not too big of the music is good for many patients, as for the sound of water, such as a bird from the sounds of nature, because the song is slow, more curative effect for anxiety disorder patients.