Natural Treatment For Uti


Urethritis is a common disease, the inflammation of urethral mucosa, female good hair. It is clinically pided into acute and chronic, nonspecific urethritis and gonococcal urethritis, after two similar clinical manifestations, to be identified according to the history and bacteriological examination. The pathogen invaded urethral retrograde.So what is natural Treatment For Uti?
In fact, people suffering from urethritis of this disease is not uncommon, especially many female friends as shy, dare not willing to go to the hospital, choose not to buy medicine to take, and some even will all advance the responsibility to her husband, these practices are not wise nor desirable. When you the body of the abnormal situation, must be to the regular hospital professional inspection, and have something to her husband with two people taking the most, otherwise it will not only delay the disease, but also hurt the feelings of the couple.

Patients can pay attention to the following points in natural Treatment For Uti, and wooden diseases can still be prevented and avoided:

1. rule of daily life: exercise actively, strengthen body constitution, prevent cold, avoid staying up late and tired

2., eating habits: usually should be light food, daily water intake should be greater than 2000ml, in order to ensure adequate urine volume, urine volume increases, can play the role of flushing urethra, and promote the excretion of bacteria and toxins

3. health habits: women should maintain vulva cleanness, clean water boiling water to cool as well, especially during menstruation, during pregnancy and puerperium health is more important. Try to use the shower bath to avoid the bath.

4. husband and wife before sexual life, both sides should clean vulva, end the urine in the back row

5. avoid water, maintain defecate unobstructed.

6., urinary tract infection, and a week after the cure, to avoid sexual life

7., in the hotel, bath, swimming pool and other public places, be careful not to use other people's towels and related sanitary ware

8. timely drink, don't think only when thirsty to add water, drink plenty of water or other beverages. Don't try to appear urgency, and ensure timely toilet. When micturition, the urine in the urethra should be drained and don't cause left.