Natural Treatment For Lupus

More than 50% erythema lupus patients renal damage obviously, protein in the urine often caused by loss of large hypoalbuminemia, edema, many pathological changes caused by the body, so it must be timely to get enough protein. The protein to the animal protein as the main quality, such as milk, egg, meat and other food should be appropriate. Lean meat, not more than 100 grams per person per day, the egg is not more than 2, if excessive intake, patients not only can not completely absorbed, but also increase the burden on the kidneys. Urinary protein positive patients, the best eat or not eat beans and bean products.

What is lupus erythematosus patients daily natural therapy. Note: sad, poor emotion can be subject to changing moods, fire, fire in the viscera and Sheng can be hurt induce and aggravate the disease. Therefore, to maintain emotional open-minded, diet, living, make human body organs function coordination, reconcile Qi and blood, will be beneficial to the recovery of the disease. Pay attention to work and rest, proper exercise, control of life. After the stable condition appropriate to participate in some social activities, do whatever work, but not overwork. Disease activity should be strictly contraceptive, a stable condition for more than a year before considering pregnancy. Pay attention to the prevention of colds, prevention of colds and infections. A variety of infections such as acute tonsillitis, pulmonary infection, intestinal infections are easy to induce SLE and aggravate the condition. To avoid the skin directly exposed to the sun.

The latest research found, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and primary Sjogren's syndrome and other diseases treatment intervention to find new targets.

According to the WHO (WHO) announced that the future global overcome 3 major diseases as malignant tumor, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune disease. Today, 10% of the population accounted for the occurrence of various autoimmune diseases, has become a common disease endangering public health, also caused a significant burden of medical field and social economy. At the same time, autoimmune because the disease pathogenesis and etiology is unknown, there is no cure.

In January 30th, the field of international authoritative academic journal Nature Genetics genetics < > (Nature Genetics) (impact factor as high as 31.616) published the latest research results of hospital rheumatism and the Medical University of South Carolina and other research institutions, new breakthrough is a susceptible gene associated with a variety of autoimmune diseases, for the system systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and primary Sjogren's syndrome and other diseases treatment intervention to find new targets.

Study on Mechanism of gene level, to find effective target for intervention

The professor told reporters, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and primary Sjogren syndrome is a complex autoimmune disease, the etiology and pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus is not yet clear. The mortality rate is high, is the world recognized. Difficult to treat rheumatoid arthritis, can cause physical disability, patients with serious impact on life quality, causing serious economic burden to the family and society. The primary Sjogren syndrome, is a common disease, because the symptoms are not taken seriously, is easily missed or misdiagnosed. "These autoimmune diseases, at present there is no cure means, the main use of hormones and immunosuppressive agents or biological agents to control and relieve worsening of the disease, early diagnosis and early treatment are of positive significance to improve the prognosis"

Study on the mechanism of autoimmune diseases in gene level, and then to find effective target for intervention, which is the focus of research in recent years foreign experts concern. Rheumatology

"There are a large number of SNPs in the human genome (SNP), some of these sites is genetic label, do not contribute to the phenotype, that is not a functional site. In disease genetics, only found functional disease susceptibility loci and susceptibility genes, and expounds the molecular mechanism. In order to provide effective target for disease intervention. Therefore, health science research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of rheumatism hospital and Research Center Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences Institute of Nanjing Medical University, Peking University People's Hospital, Medical University of South Carolina, United States University of UCLA, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and other research units, found systemic lupus by immuno chip (SLE) significantly related to susceptibility loci of rs73366469, because the site is located in the genome encoding regions, gene expression, correlation analysis This site is not shown in the functional site.

According to reports, however, due to the complex genetic loci in the region near the repeatability of multiple copies, unable to use high-throughput two generation sequencing technology (NGS) found in this locus linked functional disease locus, thus, the researchers have been unable to lock can intervene by disease site, not to study the pathogenic mechanism of change site function.

Study of hospital rheumatism research team and research team of University of South Carolina after years of efforts, the use of specific methods of amplification and sequencing of long genes in the complex gene region found genetic susceptibility loci of rs201802880 functional, the site is located in the NCF1 region of.NCF1 encoding NAPDH oxidase (NOX2) is a subunit of the complex the amino acid mutation type, susceptibility loci will cause the change of NCF1 protein, NAPDH oxidase activity leads to reduced production of oxygen, and thus participate in the occurrence and development of diseases. More importantly, they found the site with rheumatoid arthritis and genetic susceptibility in patients with primary Sjogren syndrome.

Provides a new target for autoimmune disease treatment

Shen Nan believes that the study on the research method, using the method of the next-generation sequencing features found in pathogenic sites, to make up for the two generation sequencing technology vulnerabilities, provides a new idea for the functional gene locus of complex genetic diseases in future discovery. "This study also found that oxidative stress can regulate an important role in the autoimmune process, research more important value lies in finding a variety of autoimmune diseases common susceptible gene, which provides a new target for autoimmune disease treatment. In clinic, clinical treatment can be selected and application can increase the amount of oxygen generated oxidase activity drug. Or try with old drugs to increase oxidase ROS function to specific intervention in the treatment of disease"