Chronic kidney disease Stages

Do you know the stages of chronic kidney disease? From nephritis to uremia, and see which phase you are in.Chronic kidney disease Stages.

See the patient message again: my examination result, blood creatinine 327, our hospital doctor here, let me direct dialysis, say no rule of law. Really can only dialysis?

The doctors, to see this message, could not help but anger chest, we too understand fear of kidney dialysis patients.

In fact, even with only the blood creatinine value, the patient is only in the CKD3 phase. At this stage, a formal treatment can have a good prognosis, even without dialysis!

What is the CKD period? Many kidney patients, that high serum creatinine is not good, but do not seem to know, serum creatinine value criterion, nephropathy is how to stage, today we according to the following picture to analyze!

Stage CKD1: inflammatory phase

In this period, no significant changes in serum creatinine, renal function has not been damaged, usually referred to as nephritis. This period is the most easy to cure period, clinical indications were proteinuria, occult blood, edema, hypertension.

Stage CKD2: compensatory period of renal function

In this period, the blood creatinine values in 133-177 moI/L. At this time, half of the kidney and renal unit can work normally, can rely on their own compensation function to meet the daily needs of the body. If the timely receiving regular treatment, can achieve clinical cure.

Stage CKD3: renal decompensation

This period, the blood creatinine value is between 178-442 moI/L. Kidney unit damage has more than 2/3 or more, the kidney itself compensation function has been unable to meet the daily needs of the body

Most of the patients have begun to feel weak, but the symptoms are still not obvious. If they receive timely and formal treatment, 50% of the disease can still be clinically cured

The patient who left the message, now you can understand? Don't lose heart, don't give up, take care of the treatment!

Stage CKD4: renal failure

When the serum creatinine is more than 443 moI/L, it has entered the renal failure stage, when the renal function has dropped to an irreversible stage, and the renal cells are killed at any moment

At this time many of the symptoms began to appear significantly, such as anemia, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and other treatment. The focus, has become to prevent renal cell necrosis, renal function remaining, some hospitals have begun to advise patients on hemodialysis.

Stage CKD5: Uremia

During this period, the blood creatinine value was usually over 707 moI/L, and 90% of the kidneys in the patient's kidneys had died. Most of the kidneys had shrunk to less than 6cm and had basically lost the function of urine production

Most patients are very strong symptoms, such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, heart failure, anemia, etc., and occur frequently, at this time the therapeutic significance has become as far as possible to maintain the normal life of patients, reduce patient pain