IgA nephropathy stage

What are the stages of IgA nephropathy? Experts told us that in clinical, there is a positive correlation between the stages of IgA nephropathy and the prognosis of IgA nephropathy. So, what are the stages of IgA nephropathy?

Expert analysis: IgA nephropathy stage can be pided into the following five levels:

1. The vast majority of glomeruli are normal and occasionally have mild mesangial widening (segments) associated with or without cell proliferation; renal tubules and renal interstitium are free of lesions

Two: glomerular mesangial proliferation and sclerosis (50%) rare small crescent; renal tubules and renal interstitial lesions

Three: a hazy glomerular mesangial cell proliferation and broadening (or focal segmental), I see the new month; renal tubule and renal interstitial changes showed focal renal interstitial edema, occasionally rare cell infiltration, tubular atrophy.

Four: severe diffuse glomerular mesangial proliferation and sclerosis, all or part of glomerular sclerosis, visible crescent (45%); renal tubular atrophy, renal interstitial infiltration, occasionally interstitial foam cells.

Five: the glomerular stroma is similar to the four stage, but it is more serious. The glomerular crescent formation is 45%; the renal tubular and renal interstitial lesions are similar, but the four stage lesions are more serious