Hypertensive nephropathy stage

What hypertensive nephropathy treatment are?What stage of hypertensive nephropathy? Hypertension nephropathy is a common symptom of kidney disease, hypertensive nephropathy according to different protein, different periods are not the same, let the experts kidney hospital to introduce hypertensive nephropathy what stage?

Hypertensive nephropathy is caused by primary hypertension with benign arteriolar sclerosis (also known as hypertension, renal arteriolar sclerosis) and malignant arteriolar sclerosis, accompanied by a corresponding clinical manifestation of the disease

Clinically, according to the patient's condition and laboratory data, we classified hypertensive nephropathy into the following periods:

Stage I microalbuminuria stage: characterized by abnormal urinary albumin excretion rate, normal renal function, and negative urine routine protein;

Phase II - clinical proteinuria: normal proteinuria, 24h proteinuria, and quantitative >0.5g are normal renal function

Stage III - renal dysfunction: characterized by decreased Ccr and elevated SCr. Non dialysis and dialysis (uremia)

Non dialysis period: Ccr in 80 ~ 10ml/min, 133 mol/L<707 MOL P L.<> M

Dialysis period (uremia stage):Ccr<10ml/min.Scr>707 mu mol/L.

The above is the kidney hospital experts to introduce the stage of Hypertension Nephropathy, we hope to be able to help.