Exercise helps rehabilitation of patients with chronic nephr

For chronic nephritis patients, doctors are often advised to pay attention to rest, less activity, in order to reduce metabolic products, reduce the burden on the kidneys. But practice shows that less activity in reducing metabolic products at the same time, also brought a decline of the function of the body, mainly for cardiac dysfunction, decreased cardiac output, heart rate and blood pressure stable, vital capacity becomes small, reduce the oxygen consumption, digestive dysfunction. Therefore, many doctors have advocated the chronic nephritis patients should participate in the exercise in remission.

Sports for patients with chronic nephritis, should be based on the amount of muscle strength and endurance exercise. Exercise such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, qigong (oathmate), a variety of aerobics and moderate badminton, tennis or table tennis can enhance endurance. Muscle strength exercise to light (1-2.5 kg) do exercise fuck, every time the 1-2 sets, 2-3 times a day. Also do chest chest exercises, according to their strength, from less to more, gradually increase the root number and number.

Exercise includes exercise intensity and exercise time. The exercise intensity for patients with chronic nephritis should be moderate, i.e., the heart rate during exercise is 110 times per minute, and exercise time should be controlled for 20-30 minutes

Exercise arrangements for chronic nephritis include preparation activities, training activities and finishing activities, once a day. Prepare activities for about 5-10 minutes, and do radio exercises. There are two ways of training activities:

Is a continuous training method: jogging for example, when the activity of heart rate reached 105-110 times, continuous 10-15 minutes. Another is the intermittent training method: optional 2-3 project as a group, for example, not only do jogging, chest or practicing Taijiquan, every practice 3-5 minutes rest for 2-3 minutes, and then second or rest after third, the total time not more than 20 minutes. Organize activities for about 5 minutes or so, can walk, self massage or do exercises to relax.

It is helpful to the rehabilitation of the disease, but should pay attention to: not in full, at least 2 hours after the meal. Usually outdoors, in case of sudden changes in temperature or fog, wind, snow and so on, should be held indoors. The weather should stop the exercise so as to avoid overheating, excessive sweating and dehydration. The deterioration of renal function. After each exercise should not have fatigue, should not affect the appetite and sleep regularly to the hospital to check blood pressure, blood lipid and nitrogen, if not increase, indicates that the appropriate amount of exercise, otherwise should be reduced.